Frequently Asked Questions for #POPCreators submissions

For those interested in sharing their artworks, short stories, poems, and articles as contributions to POP! Creators, you might want to know about these things first.

Who can submit to POP! Creators? 

Anyone who is 13-years-old and above can submit their works to POP! Creators via email at

If you are below the age bracket mentioned above, you may still contribute through our POP! Kids section, where children aged 4 to 12-years-old can submit their entries. They must, however, have their parent/s or guardian/s sign our waiver before we consider it for publishing.

Can I submit to POP! Creators even if I don’t live in the Philippines?

Yes, you may submit your works even if you’re not from the same country. Though, we would request you to indicate your city and country when you email your contribution/s to us.

What can be sent or submitted to POP! Creators as a contribution? 

The POP! team accepts only original artworks, short stories, poems or articles. If in any way, the editorial team sees that the work you’ve sent in was stolen or plagiarized, they will immediately ignore your entry and blacklist you from POP! Creators.

Moreover, contributions that are political in nature or contain sensitive topics may be denied by the editorial team. You must remember that POP! is, first and foremost, a channel dedicated to pop culture so our team would be more inclined to choose entries of this nature.

What if I want to share my music with POP! Creators?

Unfortunately, the POP! Creators section doesn’t accept any music contributions. However, aspiring artists may opt to send the link to their music video/s to for consideration under the POP! UPloaded video segment.

What do I need to include in my email when sending an entry?

When submitting your contribution to POP! Creators, you must provide the following details:

  1. Full Name
  2. Short description about yourself (age, work, etc.)
  3. The file of your contribution
    • If your contribution is a written piece, please submit in a docx or pdf file.
    • If your contribution is an artwork, please submit in jpeg or png format.
  4. The rationale behind your piece–why did you write or create this?

Please also follow this format on the subject of your email: “POP! Creators Contribution–[Your Name]”.

Can I send multiple entries? 

Yes, you may send more than one entry. However, the POP! team would like you to remember that if your first entry was published, it doesn’t mean your second or third contribution will also be published.

If my work gets published, will I get paid for it? 

No, you will not get paid for it. You must remember that the POP! Creators section is for contribution purposes only. This means you will not receive any monetary value if your piece does get published.

Will I get notified if my submission gets published?

No, you will not get notified. The POP! team assumes no obligation to inform you if your submitted work was published on the page or not.

Can I email the POP! team to follow up on my work? 

Please note that this is inadvisable and highly discouraged by the team. You must remember that the team sorts through multiple entries on a day-to-day basis so by bombarding them with follow-up questions and requests, you only slow down their selection process.

Moreover, harassing members of the POP! editorial team with harsh comments via email will not be tolerated. This will result in your entry being forfeited and blacklisted from the POP! Creators section.

Do entries on POP! Creators get edited? 

The answer to this is yes and no. Yes, because some article entries, poems, and short story submissions may contain errors in grammar and in data. Because of this, the editorial team must intervene and make changes to the submission. And no, because artwork submissions, more often than not, require no need for editing.

Will I have a byline if my work gets published? 

Like every POP! Creators contribution, your byline will appear at the bottom of your work. It will follow the following format: “POP! Creators/ Name of Contributor.”

If I continuously submit, can I have a byline like that of your regular writers?

No, you will not get a byline similar to that of our regular writers.

Can I pick the caption for the social media post of my POP! Creators entry? 

No, you may not choose a caption.

When does POP! usually post on POP! Creators? 

Typically, the POP! team has scheduled POP! Kids and POP! Creators articles to be released on weekends, so fans of POP! Creators can see if their pieces have been posted on Facebook and Twitter.

I have a concern regarding my POP! Creators entry. Can I send an email about it? 

Yes, you may send an email to the team. However, your concern will still be investigated by the POP! team and they are under no obligation to follow your request if they do not deem it right.

Again, harassing our writers with messages on their personal email or social media accounts is discouraged and will automatically result in the forfeit of your entry.