Photo credit: Arabella Sanchez Canlas

This student could be the next serial entrepreneur with her ‘brilliant’ business idea

June 12th, 2019
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Some people would consider “high school life” as one of the most unforgettable periods of their lives. It’s probably because you had the “freedom” to explore different things like having a crush on someone in school and forming a deeper bond with your barkada. However, your high school days wouldn’t be that memorable if your classmates hadn’t become your “personal charity”—especially when you were in dire need of paper, ballpen, and polbo (loose powder).

Recently, Sarah Arabella Sanchez Canlas, a grade 10 student from Tarlac, posted about her “business” which most of us can totally relate to. Canlas uploaded on Facebook that her school supplies and other personal things like perfume, comb, paper are, sad to say, for rent.

And aside from the indicated price, she also wrote a pick-up line on some of her personal things.

Photo credit: Arabella Sanchez Canlas

For instance, a sheet of paper costs one peso only, five pesos for every use of powder, and two pesos for her comb.

Feeling ko dito ako yayaman HAHAHAHA. Hi mga classmates handa na akong maging mayaman HAHAHAHHAHAHAHA

Sarah Arabella Sanchez Canlas 发布于 2019年6月2日周日

Because of Canlas’s wit and aptitude for business, her post has now garnered 15,000 shares and 4,500 reactions.

Here are some of the reactions from online users:


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