Here are 7 rituals and traditions to welcome the Year of the Pig

February 04th, 2019
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The Lunar New Year or popularly known as Chinese New Year is one of the most significant holidays in the Chinese community. Although it’s considered as a major holiday in Greater China, this festivity is also being observed and anticipated in several Asian countries like the Philippines.

As mentioned in the World of Feng Shui website, the eve and first 15 days of the New Year are the most important. It is believed that within a span of 15 days, your attitude and behavior will have a strong impact on how your year will turn out.

Since Chinese New Year is drawing near, we have listed down some of the most popular rituals and traditions that are mostly observed by Chinese and tsinoys in attracting prosperity and abundance.

Everything is color red

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During the celebration of the Chinese New Year, you’ll see the red color dominating streets, establishments, and houses. According to the Chinese traditions, red is believed to be the luckiest color as it represents loyalty, success, and happiness.

Chinese New Year is all about family time

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Dinner or “Family Reunion Dinner” is the most important part of this festivity. And usually, families prepare different kinds of dishes that are believed to bring and enhance togetherness and prosperity. One of the most common food items that are being served during Chinese New Year is the Nian Gao or tikoy.  Tikoy, which translates to “higher year”,  symbolizes togetherness or strong familial bonds.

Senior family members or married couples give out red packets 

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It’s true that the more you give, the more you receive. In Chinese traditions, their way of sharing blessings with their family members or younger couples is through giving out red packets containing money. It is believed that the red and gold packets symbolize good luck and prosperity – so the more you give out, the more blessings will come to you.

Business owners give out cases of oranges to their business partners

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Aside from giving out red packets, businessmen offer cases of oranges to their business partners, as their way of wishing them a smooth and auspicious year.

Chinese New Year will not be complete without firecrackers and fireworks

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Fireworks and firecrackers will always be a huge part of the New Year revelry. In Chinese communities, the loud noise of firecrackers is believed to scare off bad luck and in return, attract prosperity chi.

A troupe of acrobatic dancers performs the ‘Dragon dance’

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Dragon dance is a colorful traditional dance performed during Chinese festivities. It originated in China during the Han Dynasty (180-230AD) and has since become a symbol of supernatural power, goodness, fertility, vigilance, and dignity. Performed by a troupe of acrobatic dancers, the dragon dance is believed to scare away evil spirits or bad luck.

Lucky charms or displays for a prosperous New Year

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There are specific bracelets, amulets, and figurines that can attract good luck and fortune. And according to Feng Shui consultants, purchasing any lucky items–which basically depends on your zodiac sign– can enhance love, health, and wealth.  For example, a person born in the year of the Pig should get a set of Two Golden Brass Pi Yao or Pi Xiu Wealth Prosperity Figurine–this is to maintain stability in the person’s love and financial life.

While there is nothing wrong about following these rituals and practices, one must always remember that love, money, and good health emanate from our willingness to love and constant hard work.

May we all have a prosperous Chinese New Year!

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