This photo of a student ‘taking care’ of a ‘panabong’ is proof of Pinoys’ love for cockfighting

November 14th, 2018
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You might hear this brightly colored kind of bird crow in provincial backyards at the break of dawn. This chicken, known as rooster, has a large comb on top of its head, which symbolizes luck in Portugal. Roosters, also called cockerels or cocks, scratch their claws on the ground to look for food. Because they are male, roosters are commonly used in cockfighting.

Cockfighting culture dates back to 3,000 years before the Christ era. During those times, the ancient Syrians considered this as a religious activity associated with gods Apollo, Mercury, and Mars.

This practice continues up until today. This blood sport involves making two aggressive roosters fight each other in a makeshift arena. The sport, patronized mostly by men, is a popular pastime among Pinoy fathers, with some even taking care of a number of roosters in their backyards just for this purpose. There are currently 3,000 to 4,000 roosters for every breed owners in the Philippines.

Owners tend to raise their roosters like their own baby. Usually, owners of fighting cocks feed them with good nutrition through fortified pellets, and even going so far as petting them to make them more comfortable in their owner’s hands.

In this photo that’s currently going viral on Facebook, it seems that special treatment to cocks has reached peak level with this student, aptly called “ate ng taon” (sister of the year) taking care of “papa’s favourite” despite being in class.

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Check out these hilarious memes that came about from this “bagong paborito ni papa” (papa’s newest favourite):


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The photo now has more than 64,000 shares on Facebook as of press time.

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But there are still those that praise the resolve of the student for taking care of the chicken despite being in school:


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