This newlywed’s RAUNCHY wedding photo is blowing minds on the internet right now

October 06th, 2017
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Dutch photographer Michael Klooster’s wedding photo of a bride who appears to perform oral sex on her now husband is blowing minds on the internet right now. More mind blowing is the fact that the idea was perpetuated by one of the couple’s mothers! The photo, with a caption that says “some newlyweds cannot wait for the party to be over so they can quietly retreat to their suite for a smashing wedding night,” shows a groom with his back to the camera and appears to receive oral sex from his wife who is bent over in front of him.

Klooster explains that he just wanted to make a very interesting photo that tells a story, that is why there are no visible private parts in the picture he took. He also believed that anyone who finds this photo offensive is stuck in the 90s era. He admits that of all the wedding photos he has taken of the couple, this one is the most interesting, which he believes will still be talked about even after ten years.

The photo is assuredly innocent and was created by the newlyweds as some form of joke.

Michael Klooster urges the public to give the couple their kind of happiness, and that it is something he also wishes for everyone. / VT

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