QUIZ: Can you identify these iconic TV homes?

Are you a certified ‘Friends’ fan? Or are you more of a ‘How I Met Your Mother’ kind of person? Ever binge-watched full seasons of ‘Sherlock’ or stayed up late to catch ‘Goblin’ on TV? Whatever your favorite show is, any self-confessed couch potato should be able to identify iconic TV home sets in an instant. Think you can ace our test? Check it out below:

Whose living room is this?

Lorelei Gilmore's from Gilmore Girls
Annie Camden's from 7th Heaven
Monica Geller's from Friends
Brooke Davis' from One Tree Hill

Whose loft is this?

Luke Cage's from The Defenders
Kim Shin's from Goblin
Yoon Myeong-Joo's from Descendants of the Sun
Kim Tan's from The Heirs

Whose bedroom is this?

Penny's from The Big Bang Theory
Pam Beesly's from The Office
Liz Lemon's from 30 Rock
Cheon Song-yi's from My Love from the Star

Whose living room is this?

Fitzgerald Grant's from Scandal
Dr. Lecter's from Hannibal
Annalise Keating's from How to Get Away with Murder
Sherlock Holmes' from Sherlock

Whose kitchen is this?

Lily Aldrin's from How I Met Your Mother
Alicia Florrick's from The Good Wife
Max Black's from 2 Broke Girls
Miranda Hobbes' from Sex and the City

Whose bedroom is this?

Ginger Foutley's from As Told by Ginger
Morty Smith's from Rick and Morty
Lisa Simpson's from The Simpsons
Arnold Shortman's from Hey Arnold!

Whose apartment is this?

Kimmy Schmidt's from Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
Sebastian Smythe's from Glee
Jenny Humphrey's from Gossip Girl
Ted Mosby's from How I Met Your Mother

Whose kitchen is this?

Leslie Knope's from Parks and Recreation
Grace Adler's from Will and Grace
Didi Pickles' from Rugrats
Marge Simpson's from The Simpsons

You got our of 16 right!

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