A passenger stuck on a train with no food was saved by a pizza delivery

If you ever need another reason to know why “pizza is life,” this should be enough! A hungry passenger that got trapped in a New York-to-Washington, D.C. Amtrak train due to power issues, decided to order pizza to somehow save him from his misery.

Since the train was not moving, the passengers were stuck inside for about three hours. There wasn’t enough food on the train so one passenger had this brilliant idea to call for pizza delivery. Luckily for him, pizza delivery men are the heroes we never expect we would have in times of troubles.

Bless all the pizza delivery people for bringing us happiness in a box full of carbohydrates that some people would probably regret eating after. (LOL, who are we kidding? There are no regrets with pizza!).

So appreciate all the delivery guys out there. You’ll never know when they’ll save you from hunger when you’re in a deserted island or wherever the hell you’ll be trapped.

We know nothing feels better than receiving food delivery–especially if it’s pizza! All hail this glorious food that keeps us getting fat!

via Giphy
via Giphy

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