Millennial charged with theft after pocketing £20 bill she found inside a store

It’s true what they say: crime never pays!

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Even a crime as simple as this…

Nicole Bailey, 23, stopped by the One Stop Store on Blurton district, StokeonTrent. There, she found a £20 bill left on the store’s display.

But instead of looking for the bill’s rightful owner, she pocketed it.

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So when a customer told the staff he’d lost £20 in the store, they looked through the day’s CCTV footages. There, they saw a young woman take the bill off the display case.

The store manager later identified Bailey from the video and said she was a regular customer there.

Bailey was then called in for questioning, wherein she initially denied taking the bill. However when shown the CCTV video, she admitted to the act.

Soon after her admission, she was charged with theft by the North Staffordshire Justice Centre.

As punishment, Bailey was given a conditional discharge and was required to pay £175 in court costs.  

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So the next time you see money just lying around, think twice before you take it or you might end up like Bailey, with a hefty court payment and a whole lot of regret!

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