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Bittersweet EP out May 20th on Hopeless Records
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“Goodbye, Carolina Blues” is streaming now, exclusively with AV CLUB. The song is taken from the upcoming EP Bittersweet, from Aaron West and The Roaring Twenties, out May 20th on Hopeless Records. The feature also includes a curated playlist from Campbell, composed of songs that have inspired him as a songwriter. Listen to “Goodbye, Carolina Blues” here.

Bittersweet (lo-res)

Bittersweet Track List:
1. ’67, Cherry Red
2. Goodbye, Carolina Blues
3. Green Like the G Train, Green Like Sea Foam

Bittersweet furthers the narrative crafted on the band’s 2014 debut, We Don’t Have Each Other, which followed Aaron West through a tumultuous winter bouncing around the American South in the wake of a series of personal tragedies. Elaborating on this, Campbell says, “This EP serves as a bridge to future full lengths. The songs place a period at the end of We Don’t Have Each Other and open up a new chapter for Aaron to start rebuilding.”