The best Twitter LOLs to come out of the 2015 Miss Universe pageant

“Confidently beautiful with a heart” > “Yes, with reservations”


December 21, 2015 (PST) writes itself in history not just because our pambato Pia Wurtzbach won the 2015 Miss Universe pageant, but because before being crowned the winner, the whole show had to go through a series of thrills, shrills, and mix-ups!

Of course, it is but normal for Twitterverse to descend on a field day of comedic materials because, WTH, the event was a goldmine for hilarious stuff!

In celebration of this victorious win, Team INQPOP! lists down some of the best memes, jokes and witty one-liners to come out of this grand event!


On social media etiquette:


On referencing a memorable awards night from yesteryears:


On who should really be the winner:


On who should be hosting:


On micro-happiness:

On learning a foreign language:


On self preservation:

On projecting poise:

On showing modesty:


On making comparisons:

 On the event’s likeness to that of the Beyonce vs Taylor vs Kanye brouhaha:


On showing real feelings:


On cheating during exams:


On who the real Pia is:


On being a Wurtzbach:


On doggie display of feelings:

On finally letting Leo win:


On channeling Justin Bieber:


On how you look during finals week:


On being a strong finisher:


On making that last hugot for 2015:


On *cough* shameless plugging *cough*:


From all of us at INQPOP!, congratulations Pia! <3

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