WATCH: Rufa Mae Quinto grants everyone’s request and ‘auditions’ as Waze navigation voice

The heavy traffic in Metro Manila is one of our daily stressors and struggles while on the road. It’s like sucking the life out of you every morning as you navigate through congested roads. This is why navigation apps like Waze try to make our journey more fun by letting us choose our the navigation voice from popular celebrities and characters like Morgan Freeman, The Terminator, and Star Wars’ C-3PO.

But us Filipinos want someone closer to our hearts; someone who, as we drive, would pump our energy up… to the highest level! So when Waze launched a Filipino navigation voice, most of us had one person in mind who can do the job right—Rufa Mae Quinto.

We used to imagine what it would be like if Rufa Mae would be the chosen Filipino Waze navigation voice and how fun it would be like to hear directions from her as we drive.

But after persistent public demand, Rufa Mae gave in to everyone’s requests and decided to give us what we wanted. In a recently uploaded vlog on her social media accounts, Rufa Mae or Rufa “Waze” Quinto shares how it would be like if she’s the Waze navigation voice.

She would surely keep any driver at ease despite the heavy traffic as she says “Chillax, chillax. Steady lang. Don’t rush. Keep calm and carry on.” And at green light, you’d definitely want to “Go, Go, Go!” and “Todo na ‘to! To the highest level”. But she’d still constantly remind you to observe proper traffic rules like letting people pass by safely on pedestrian crossing.  There’s even bonus tips for when you’d accidentally run into your ex!

Driving around the Metro with her energetic voice as your navigator may not make the traffic easier to deal with but will surely keep you entertained and make your journey more fun! Watch the full video that will make you want to drive with Rufa Mae and have a companion who’ll remind you that driving could be fun, even in the state of our traffic jam mess.

Rufa "Waze" Quinto Audition Video

Napagod ako dito ha. Kaya sana naman, baka naman, Waze. Yohooo, waze, what are you waiting for? Go go go na! Todo na to, yesss!Please SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube channel for more videos! YouTube Channel: Also, LIKE this page, my official Facebook page! #RufaMaeGoesVlogging#RufaWazeQuinto#RMQWazeVoiceAuditionVideoFollow me on instagram: twitter, as well: Ty

Posted by Rufa Mae Quinto on Sunday, August 5, 2018


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