LOOK: These odd-looking ‘cloven toe’ pumps may trigger dirty minds

Today in the weird side of fashion: A new trend is making everyone take a double look.

A pair of flesh-colored pumps from French fashion house Maison Margiela worth $825 (PhP 47,411.76) and described as “cloven toe” are the newest item that make us question why fashion go this far sometimes. It’s also described as “eye-catching” and “both sculptural and modern”. Surely, wearing this will make catch other people’s attention—or make them ask what the heck are you wearing.

via Nordstrom / Maison Margiela

The odd-looking pumps splits the big toe from the rest when you wear it—making it look more like a “camel toe” for some especially with its color.

It’s now deemed as the new ugly shoe trend and we totally understand why!

And if this isn’t making you shake your damn head yet, the racy shoe also comes in red with a wrap-around ankle strap for a whopping $1080 (PhP 62,066.30)!

via Nordstrom / Maison Margiela

Thanks, but we’re already happy with shoes that makes our foot look human.


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