People wear their graduation gowns at home to make the most out of their money

Every graduation season, students and parents would pay for miscellaneous fees in preparation for the big day. This includes the rental fee for the graduation gown (which can either be not covered or partially covered by tuition fee) that students will wear as they march and receive their diploma.

And because you paid for it and will only get to use it for a few hours on graduation day, some people are making the most out of their money by wearing it at home and using it as bathrobe!

Wah Paw Bweh shared a photo on Twitter of how she made use of her grad gown as a bathrobe because she “didn’t pay $59 to only wear it once.” She even put a street style twist to her gown and matched it with a belt and a belt bag when she wore it outside.

People were inspired by her makeshift robe and decided to cop her style.


“Name a scam”? It’s when you have to pay for your graduation gown AND you have to return it right after you graduate. Gotta get what your money’s worth, gurl!

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