LOOK: Old photos of Mayon eruption will remind you how precious film photography is

Back in the days when smartphones with built-in cameras don’t exist, people rely on film cameras to capture some of the best moments in their lives. Unlike, digital cameras or smartphones today where you can take hundreds of photos just to get the perfect shot, film photography requires patience and precision as you only have limited shots and you can only check them once they’re developed.

Old developed film photographs that we have kept still remind us of some of the glory days of our childhood and our past. Sometimes, we also find things in these photos that take us back in time we wish we were alive to see.

Twitter user Cathy Del Prado shared several developed photographs of Mayon Volcano eruption that her grandfather took and people were in awe of how surreal the photos look.

Though the photographs already have sepia tone due to its old age, the striking beauty of Mayon Volcano as it spews lava, ashes, and smoke, can still be seen.

via Cathy Del Prado
via Cathy Del Prado

According to Del Prado, her Lolo who passed away five years ago, was not a professional photographer but used to love taking photographs when he was alive.

via Cathy Del Prado
via Cathy Del Prado

She wasn’t sure when the photos were taken since all of them were undated. But one user explained that the photos were probably from 1968 based on how the photos look like they were AGFA processed and tracked the time when Mayon erupted in a year where AGFA was set up in the country.

Another user also tried to get a more accurate color representation of the photos and they look even more breathtaking!

These photos make us want to shoot in film again! If only films aren’t too pricey and film developers are not hard to find these days.


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