New AP Stylebook update includes guidelines for ’emoji’

Heads-up, dear writers, reporters, editors, content creators, social media specialists, or just about anyone who use emoji professionally (it’s a thing now): the plural of emoji is…emoji.

The new announcement was made official last May 30 in a series of tweet updates made by the verified AP Stylebook Twitter account:

They also have new guidelines for quoting emoji and GIFs (we didn’t even know that this was possible, until now), and other aspects of general usage:


If it’s any use for you as a writer/editor/reporter/content creator/social media specialist/general human being, the latest AP Stylebook update also has guidelines for the use of marijuana and racial identities (biracial, multiracial):

There you have it. Follow AP Stylebook on Twitter because things keep a-changin’ in the English language.


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