These kids’ hilarious cookbook recipes are your best guide to cooking—or not

If you’re living on your own for the first time and you don’t know a single thing about cooking, you’d probably rely on cookbooks or easy recipes available online so you won’t starve to death—or die from eating fast food every day. But what happens if you follow a cookbook written by kids? It’s a recipe that will feed you, not with actual food, but with laughter and confusion!

Twitter user Jordan Adams shared a cookbook from his nephew’s pre-k class and it only shows how kids cannot be trusted in the kitchen but surely knows how to make cooking more fun.

Jordan’s nephew, Ethan, decided to go for an “Eggs” recipe that doesn’t actually involve eggs because you can just go to his house and his mom always makes them.

via Jordan Adams

Ariana’s Macaroni involves pool party and we are totally here for it! Pool and pasta? Now that’s a party!

via Jordan Adams

Joe took the easy route and ditched tacos in a taco’s recipe because he has no clue how to make them.

via Jordan Adams

Sebastian’s Pancakes on the other hand, are not only pricey, but might also cost you your kidney. “Salt and that’s it,” right?!

via Jordan Adams

Though the recipes and instructions won’t really help them in the kitchen, people still find them hilarious and it just proves how “kids say the best things.”

One user even shared other pages of the cookbook and it’s as pure comedy gold as the first four recipes.

Now we all want to make a macaroni while chilling at a party like Ariana or grab a taco and change our minds like Joe! How about a watermelon instead?

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