Fans express disbelief over Jet Li’s recent photo

A recent photo of acclaimed martial artist and actor, Jet Li is going viral on the internet because of his unrecognizable features.

The photo shows Li visiting a temple in Tibet. But the 55-year-old actor looked like he aged a lot that people do not believe it’s actually him since he just greeted his fans last December via his Instagram account and looked “healthier.”

Thank you my fans and friends for all the support this year. I wish you all happiness and peace in the coming new year! #jetli

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Speculations about the photo arose because many of his fans find it unbelievable. But according to his manager, “it was just a bad photo of someone who is 55 years old.”

Li admitted in 2013 that he’s been suffering from hyperthyroidism (a condition that causes fatigue, rapid weight loss, and irregular heartbeat) and spinal problems. Due to his illnesses, he wasn’t allowed to take on any stressful roles and had to take medication to keep his heartbeat normal.

Other fans expressed their concern for the kung-fu actor:

While others wished him a full recovery:

Hang in there, Mr. Li. Keep fighting! 👊

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