You can now literally bring almost everything you own with these gigantic bags

For people who can’t leave the house without their daily necessities, it’s important that they have a bag that can fit everything. Whether you’re shopping, going to the beach, or staying somewhere overnight, you’d want an all-in-one bag that could carry all your belongings.

This is probably why we all wanted that magical bag Hermione had in the Harry Potter films. I mean, that small pouch really had everything they needed to survive—even a tent!

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But now, crazy as it may seem, you can actually put almost all your belongings in this gigantic bag that’s shaking the fashion industry.

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Australian fashion label for women Camilla and Marc recently opened the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Sydney and put up a futuristic desert runway show. But what took everyone by surprise was when models came out with bags so massive you can quite literally bring your house with you.

Some are “obsessed” with these oversized bags, but others—particularly who don’t have the height to carry it with them—see it as something impractical.

One even compared these giant bags from Camilla and Marc from their Resort 2019 collection to the tiny bags from the Jacquemus Spring 2018 collection. Both are either too big or too small for some people who just wanted a “normal” bag.

With these enormous bags, you can either put everything you own in it, or probably live inside it.

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