Woman helps Brazilian man with his English homework so he can impress his crush

There are a lot of things going on social media right now that would make you lose hope for humanity. All these crazy online trends and challenges would make you think that the internet shouldn’t really be for everyone.

But if there’s one thing we all want to see on social media these days, it’s people supporting and helping out other people—even if it’s a stranger from another country who’s randomly asking for help to impress their crush.

Twitter user olivia joy shared her encounter with a Brazilian man who sent her a private message to ask for help with his English homework so he can impress a “cute guy” on his English class. Luckily, olivia joy was all up for it and she was ready to “drop everything to do some Brazialian man’s English homework.”

via twitter.com/livvmaloney
via twitter.com/livvmaloney
via twitter.com/livvmaloney
via twitter.com/livvmaloney

The whole thread reached many Brazilians who are struggling with English and are now asking her for help, so olivia joy gladly said that she loves being an “international tutor.”

Grateful Brazilians declared olivia joy as part of their clan and vowed to protect her at all cost.

Some are even inviting her to come to Brazil so she can do everyone’s English homework. *IN T’CHALLA’S VOICE: “Get this woman a plane ticket!*

The Twitter thread eventually reached Paulo Caetanor, the guy who messaged olivia joy.

Everyone was eager to know if he impressed the “cute guy” and got the kiss he wanted.

People on Twitter came together and were all rooting for him and his crush. You go, gurl.

Thanks to others who translated his tweets, Paulo confirmed that he got to impress his crush but he hasn’t kissed him yet. (Aww, sweetie, go get it!)

This is the kind of support we need and this is communicating on social media done right!


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