All the best looks, tweets, and reactions to this year’s Met Gala

Many celebrities and notable personalities flocked to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York for this year’s Met Gala. With the theme “Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination,” this year saw a lot of church-inspired dresses, headpieces, and looks that will make you say “Amen.”

One of the best dressed was Rihanna with her papal look—ending the game for the other attendees.

Chadwick Boseman a.k.a T’Challa looked like the almighty king he is and brought everyone to church. *screams “Wakanda forevaaaah”*

Even his hair looked like a ray of heaven is shining down upon it.

He and Jared Leto came looking like they could play Jesus Christ in a biblical film.

Zendaya also came through and slayed everyone else with her Joan of Arc-inspired look.

This girl has always been at the top of her game and definitely did not disappoint this year.

Some couldn’t help but make a reference of T’Challa’s lines from Avengers: Infinity War.

They also turned Zendaya into a badass dragon-slayer that looks like a character straight out of a Netflix series/film or a video game.

Meanwhile, Filipinos couldn’t help but see that Zendaya looked like the former member of a popular band.

In case you were looking for Beyoncé, she came in as the “Holy Ghost.”

Lana Del Rey proved that she is a “goddess on earth” and the Met Gala theme is actually her whole existence.

Blake Lively was hailed as the “Met Gala queen.”

But let’s not forget Sarah Jessica Parker, the queen of following the theme, is always so “extra” with her headpieces.

Gurl straight up put a whole nativity scene on her head!

Cardi B also owned the night with this on-point look:


Amber Heard got pretty creative and resourceful with her DIY headpiece using cable ties.

Other celebrities came in looking like goddesses sent from heaven.

Here are this year’s best dressed for people on Twitter:

But as these celebs walked down the red carpet, some just didn’t make the cut from the list of these “fashion judges.”

Those who didn’t follow the theme were hilariously roasted.

Jaden Smith was too proud of his gold record so he brought it with him!

This throwback photo of Ashley Tisdale would probably make the cut considering how her attire follows this year’s theme.

And this guy definitely won the Met Gala with his “participation from home.”

‘Til next year, folks!


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