‘Golden’ fried chicken worth $1000 USD is a thing rich people actually pay for

For many years, thinly pounded sheets or dusts of gold have been used as garnish in several pastries and gourmet meals. Adding edible gold to some of our favorite food somehow became a trend that only the rich can afford.

The new addition to this bourgeois trend is that fried chicken are now being sold at a whopping $1000 USD as it is dusted with 24 karat gold. This is taking the term “golden fried chicken” on a way too literal level.

The gold-covered chicken wings was a new addition to the list of insane food items (including Mac & Cheese Burger) at  the Ainsworth — an NYC-based sports bar and lounge. In collaboration with Jonathan Cheban a.k.a Foodgōd (who’s best known for his relationship with the Kardashians), the fried chicken platter called “The Foodgod 24 Karat Wings” are available to order in batches of: 10 wings for $30 USD, 20 wings for $60 USD or 50 wings and a bottle of Champagne Armand de Brignac for $1,000 USD.

In a video posted by Food Insider, the wings are said to be brined in a lemon and bay leaf mix for 12 hours. It is then massaged in a garlic and paprika rub, baked, and fried. After that, the fried chicken are dipped in the “most expensive butter there is,” gold butter mixed with honey buffalo sauce.

The luxurious meal was met with mixed reactions online where some people commended how “extra” the meal is and shared Instagram-worthy photos of it.

Meanwhile, many people think that the Foodgod 24 Karat Wings are ludicrous and absolutely a waste of money.

Some even pointed out that the chicken was undercooked despite it being “baked and fried” as said in the video. Imagine what Gordon Ramsay would have to say!

You might be wondering what’s really so special with food covered with gold and what happens when you eat it? The answer is this: Gold is actually tasteless so it doesn’t really add flavor to your food (it does make it sparkly and pricey, though). Toronto food writer Corey Mintz told Macleans that eating gold is the absolute height of tastelessness. “If you find yourself eating gold, just take a moment for self-reflection, you’ll see just what a callous act it is.”

Eating edible gold also won’t do anything to your body except pass through it—and leave it as waste. According to Food & Wine, gold is chemically inert, which means it won’t be absorbed or break down during digestion. “Most likely, edible gold won’t be absorbed from the digestive system into the bloodstream, and therefore it will pass through the body and eliminated as waste,” said New York-based dietitian, Cynthia Sass. By eating edible gold, you’re basically just flushing your money down the drain.

We all just want our chicken to be tasty and crispy, but these people really have to add gold?

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