Here’s how Ed Sheeran’s bodyguard became everyone’s favorite Instagram personality

British singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran won fans over with his heartfelt lyrics and show-stopping vocals. From his rise to stardom with the “A-Team” to the success of his Divide album, the Grammy-winning artist continues to show the world that he’s someone worth your time.

But if there’s one thing Sheeran hasn’t mastered yet, it’s social media. In the past, Sheeran has been vocal about distancing himself from various internet communication platforms. Back in 2015, he announced a break from social media. Last year, he even deleted his Twitter account.

This love-hate relationship between Sheeran and the internet has shown us that he may not be totally prepared for the online world.

But surprisingly, his bodyguard is.

Meet Ed Sheeran’s bodyguard Kevin Myers and watch him take over Instagram one photo at a time.

Photo Credit: Myers

Myers’s Instagram page contains a plethora of posts in which the bodyguard calls Sheeran his “bae.” Here are some of his funniest photos online:

When bae takes you shopping @Burberry

A post shared by Kevin Myers (@securitykev) on

When bae wants to cross the road without looking left or right @LACOSTE – don't be mean about his wonky eyes 👀

A post shared by Kevin Myers (@securitykev) on

Eyeing bae up…Iike a snack @hoax1994 #imthedaddynow

A post shared by Kevin Myers (@securitykev) on

Me and bae fooling around #ifonlyyoucouldseewhathesdoing #imthedaddy

A post shared by Kevin Myers (@securitykev) on

And it seems that Sheeran feels the same way about his bodyguard and shares these posts in response to Myers’s IG photos:

Me and @securitykev in Osaka enjoying d8 nite – photo by @zakarywalters

A post shared by Ed Sheeran (@teddysphotos) on

Behold @securitykev, the viral sensation

A post shared by Ed Sheeran (@teddysphotos) on

So congratulations Kevin Myers, you’re officially our favorite Instagram personality!

Photo Credit: Degreeable


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