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Submitted by: Vanessa Reventar

You’ll be hard pressed to find jewelry that fits everyone. What may flatter you may not look good on your mom or your friend. Choosing the right jewelry is no different from choosing the right makeup and outfit. Finding what looks good is a tricky process made even trickier when you can’t see the items right in front of you. Here are a few tips to help ease your mind as you browse the web for your purchase:

1. Observe your personal style

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Do you prefer loud and colorful statement pieces or dainty rose gold trinkets? Let your personality shine through by selecting styles that suit you. Mix and match metals with different gems, beads, and wood to create the perfect accessory combination. Keep in mind what you already own that looks good so you can select similar or complementary designs.

2. Match it to your skin tone

Jewelry, Creator Community, style, fashion, women,

Jewelry looks different from one person to another largely because of their skin tone. Certain colors look better on some than others and not just with gems, but with metals as well. Generally, people with cooler skin tones tend to look better in white gold, platinum and silver, while people with warmer skin tones tend look better in yellow gold, rose gold, and copper. Take it even further by trying to match the jewelry to your eyes and hair.

If you can, try on different metals against your skin in store or look for product shots with models that have similar features as you. You’ll know that the color and metal fits you when you appear fresh and glowing.

3. Watch your budget

Jewelry, Creator Community, style, fashion, women,

Is it for a one-time event or will you be adding to the frequently-worn section of your jewelry wardrobe? You might want to consider costume jewelry or vintage/second-hand pieces if you think you’ll only be using it for certain events. Luxury and custom-made jewelry can get expensive but it can also commemorate important life moments such as a birthday, graduation, or anniversary.

When ordering from international websites, bear in mind the shipping and EMS fees and other costs that can factor into your purchase.

Fortunately, there are countless jewelry options in every style and at every price point, especially now when it’s so easy to find items online. No matter your preference, there is something out there for you.

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