This woman upstaging everyone on the Zumba dance floor is your new spirit animal, and the internet agrees

A seemingly innocent video of a group of women attempting to complete an hour-long Zumba routine went viral–and, trust us on this–for all the right reasons. The video, unassumingly titled “retro zumba“, has racked up an impressive 6 million plus video views and approximately 97 thousand shares from the time it was uploaded in March this year. Posted on Facebook by a certain Ms. Li Yao, the video showed the uploader herself propping up a camera to capture the entirety of her Zumba performance with other women inside what seemed like an activity area within the premises of a mall.

The video starts off plainly showing what she and the other women were meant to accomplish: just dance.

Until the 01:16 mark, that is–when a new challenger, dressed in red sequined outfit, stole the whole show:

It’s an hour-long video, but trust us again on this–it’s worth watching every minute of it!

People who saw the video on Facebook were surprisingly supportive of the woman in red:

The identity of the super energetic lady in red remains a mystery.

In a post on her public profile, Ms. Li Yao encouraged people to keep watching and sharing the video and to have fun.

And fun we’re all having, indeed! Good job, ateng in red!

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