This Harry Potter-inspired bar lets you brew your own drink and take ‘potions classes’

Muggles can now have a magical experience in a bar and feel like they’re wizards taking potions classes like Harry Potter.

The Cauldron, a wizarding bar in London, lets guests wear wizard robes, mix their own drinks or cocktails (called “potions”) in cauldrons, and find “fantastic beers” with a flick of a wand. The bar offers a craft beer called “Four Cauldrons” that is inspired by witch or wizard’s magic wand.

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According to its website, “Four Cauldrons has a base of wand wood—in this case oak—and a core of ingredients used in magical history—coriander, ginger, and vanilla.” Guests will have to use the magic wand given to them to pour themselves a pint of Four Cauldrons flowing from the magical tree.

It also offers a class called “The Cauldron Magical Cocktail Experience”—similar to Harry Potter’s Potions class where guests take “an immersive and interactive pop-up experience in London where patrons brew molecular cocktails with a working IoT magic wand.”

The Cauldron Magical Cocktail Experience is a one hour and forty-five minute ticketed class that lets people experience the magic in fantasy books using science and technology. Materials and supplies are provided in every class that costs £29.99 per ticket and are strictly for 18 years and above since above since it involves alcoholic drinks.

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Using cauldrons and other supplies, people will chop, grind, prepare ingredients, and follow instructions to create their potions that changes colors, bursts into flames, or smokes and bubbles. The Cauldron uses aeroponics and hydroponics to grow ingredients and real magical and carnivorous plants used throughout the experience such as Mandrakes, Foxglove, Monkey Jars, and Venus Flytraps.

“I’m a huge science and fantasy fiction geek. I was studying programming and design and I wanted to make what I was reading about in fantasy books real,” said Matthew Cortland, founder of The Cauldron.

The Cauldron first started as a Kickstarter project before they opened a pop-up in London.

Now, we badly need apparate to this place and brew ourselves some Felix Felicis.

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