‘Aling Vicky’ is the newest relatable Pinoy character on the internet right now

What’s good with the internet is that when you’re too stressed or had a rough day at work, it’s easy to find something that will cheer you up and make your day better. People always have a way sharing “LOLs” online and Pinoys, especially, can get pretty creative with all the fun stuff they share on social media.

The latest that is making rounds online is a short scene from the 2001 film “Baliktaran: Si Ace at Si Daisy” starring Rufa Mae Quinto and Bayani Agbayani. But the film didn’t resurface online because of the lead actors—it’s actually because of Aling Vicky who definitely stole the spotlight!

Aling Vicky! ung anak nyo nahulog sa imbornal! HAHAHAHAHA!©Baliktaran

Posted by Mary Rose Raymundo on Saturday, March 10, 2018

Well, except that she’s not really Aling Vicky.

But Aling Vicky or not, admit it, we all had a good laugh with her overacting or “nawala sa sarili acting”!

Pinoys got so invested with Aling Vicky and her identity that they think we might as well readjust our priorities and focus on the more pressing matters.

Some are even petitioning to find the REAL Aling Vicky.

Could it be her?

But seriously though, Aling Vicky (who’s not really Aling Vicky) is all of us at some point in our lives, we all had our own “Aling Vicky sabaw moment”. You know, when you reach that peak level of stress and you suddenly couldn’t even recognize yourself.

Thank you, Aling Vicky (again, not really Aling Vicky) for reminding us to always remember who we are, especially in stressful situations like having a kid stuck in the sewer.

Oh, and we hope the REAL Aling Vicky would stand up and let us know if she found her kid and they’re all safe.


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