WATCH: Man intentionally burns himself in ‘Hot Coil Challenge’

 Stop doing things for the ‘likes’, people!

In the early months of 2018, we’ve seen another level of crazy from people who’ve tried and tested some insane internet challenges. From the Tide-Pod Challenge to the Dying Inside Challenge, these absurd internet trends have affected the well-being and safety of some individuals involved. This February, though, we’re faced with yet another dumb fad called the “Hot Coil Challenge.”

The Hot Coil Challenge involves a person turning on his or her electric stove and then placing his or her hand or arm on the hot coil. The aim is to test how long the person can hold their arm in the hot coil. In the video below, you can see a man burn his flesh because of this idiotic challenge. Watch as he (expectedly) screams in pain from the blazing hot metal:


Just like other internet trends out there that weren’t thoroughly processed, the Hot Coil Challenge has its own share of dangerous consequences. For one, it can cause the participant some serious 3rd-degree burns — which can work up to serious infections when not treated properly.

So maybe the next time you consider this challenge, think about the effects of this truly idiotic internet dare!

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