UP Kalilayan is a non-profit, non-partisan socio-cultural organization based in UP Diliman which aims to be of service of the provinces of Quezon and Aurora. As such, this media partnership aims to bridge the gap between the audience and the organization through the effective use of social media and other online platforms.

The media partnership between UP Kalilayan and Inquirer.net goals to:

Widen the reach of Tagisan 32 and increase the awareness of the people regarding the subject matter of rape in the post-millennial era.

Engage the target audience in healthy and educational discussions regarding rape culture in the post- millennial era.

Increase the visibility and recognition of the organization in promoting socio-cultural issues.

The primary target audience include junior high school students (grades 7 to 10) and teachers, local and national educational stakeholders, anti-sexual assault advocacy groups, and other related non-government organizations (NGOs).



UP Kalilayan is a socio-cultural organization based in UP Diliman committed to serving the province of Aurora and Quezon. As an organization, we are dedicated to promoting socio-cultural issues concerning the youth of today’s society. This year, we are holding one of our flagship events, TAGISAN 32, focusing on the subject of rape culture in the post-millennial era.

Deconstructing the notion of rape culture, we divided it into five subtopics, specifically female, male, environmental rape, rape of democracy, and rape of a nation. Each subtopic focuses on different aspects of a person’s life and how rape culture ultimately shapes and affects each person’s lifestyles.

Male and female rape talks about the prevalence of sexual abuse among men and women, the injustice experience by some victims along with the stigma attached to it. On the other hand, environmental rape focuses on the social movement called ecofeminism that likens women to nature and the abuse that the environment goes through in the hands of patriarchal capitalism. The rape of democracy concentrates on how politicians exploit the democracy of the Philippines in furthering their own agenda; while the rape of a nation discusses the use of propaganda such as fake news in controlling and abusing its constituents.

By bringing awareness of rape culture to the minds of our target audience, we hope that it is able to influence them and as the rising population, take action against the culture of abuse that plagues the country.

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