We can’t stop watching this Peter Dinklage vs. Morgan Freeman rap battle

It’s Super Bowl season again! While some are excited for the game this weekend, others are more interested in watching this year’s much-anticipated Super Bowl Ads. And you can’t blame them! Super Bowl ads contain the best, the worst, the funniest, and even the craziest content brands can come up with it.

Every year the ads are different from each other. Last year, the ads focused on multiculturalism and reaching for your dreams. This year though, it seemed advertisers played it safe by showcasing famous personalities, touching on inoffensive causes, and just plain attention-grabbing content.

One of the ads that stood out is Doritos Blaze vs Mountain Dew Ice featuring actors Peter Dinklage and Morgan Freeman in one heated rap battle.

Dinklage lip synced Busta Rhymes’ verse featured in Chris Brown’s “Look At Me Now” as he promotes Doritos Blaze. While Freeman cooly belts out Missy Elliot’s “Get Ur Freak On” released in 2001, for Mountain Dew Ice.

These guys were so good at it that people gave it the thumbs up — including Missy Elliot herself!

Two teaser ads were released last month as a sneak peek to this upcoming rap battle that people were already saying it’s going to be one hell of a commercial. And they didn’t disappoint!

The first one was a 15-seconder teaser with a caption that reads:”Mess with Peter Dinklage and new Doritos Blaze, you’re gonna get burned. The battle goes down.”

A week later, they released another teaser with Busta Rhymes coaching Dinklage and Missy Elliot practicing with Morgan Freeman.

We’ll definitely have this ad on repeat! *grabs popcorn*

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