Delays in arrival cause chaotic lines to form at Australia’s train stations

Filipinos know all too well the struggle of having to find another way to work whenever the train system gives out on us. So we can empathize with these Australian commuters when they arrived at the train station last January 9, in this chaotic mess…

According to online reports, the incident was caused by the delayed arrivals of the trains to the station. And this delay was supposedly caused by the shortage of train staff and the inefficiencies of the train management to properly implement the updated transport system. 

“The person to blame for this is quite clearly the Transport Minister. We’ve been going at it the last couple of months saying to everybody that this situation was going to develop. He introduced a timetable that we were just not ready for — under-resourced, underprepared. And now, we’re seeing the fruits of that,” explains New South Wales secretary Alex Claasens to 7 News Sydney.

Many of these commuters were quick to go on Twitter to express their dissatisfaction and disappointment with what had happened that Tuesday morning at the train station. Some of them even decided to tag the social media accounts of Transport Ministers Gladys Berejiklian and Andrew Constance to call their attention to the situation. Here’s what they had to say about it:

Since commuters have posted their concerns online, the government has issued an apology for the incident. Despite requests from commuters for a refund, government officials stated that they will not be giving their money back. 7 News Sydney reports it’s because “the government needs the money to run the network.”

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Don’t worry Australia, we Pinoys feel your pain! 😢

So to cap:



Australian line:



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