Popular YouTuber Logan Paul apologizes for posting video that showed real dead body

American YouTuber Logan Paul is under fire for posting a video of himself touring Aokigahara forest and showing a real dead body of a suicide victim.

Via Twitter.com/LoganPaul

Over the years, Aokigahara gained notoriety for being hailed as “the perfect place to die.” The forest first earned its title when author Seichō Matsumoto released the novel, “Tower of Waves.” According to the official website of Aokigahara forest, the novel featured the story of a couple who chose to end their lives in the forest. This publication began a slew of stories that relayed Aokigahara as the ideal place to commit suicide.

Following “Tower of Waves,” author Wataru Tsurumi wrote a novel which described Aokigahara as a place where dead bodies are less likely to be found — which made it fitting for people who wanted to remain anonymous after their deaths.

Since these works of fiction were published, many individuals sought refuge at the Aokigahara forest during the final moments of their lives so much so, that the suicide rate increased annually.

So when Logan Paul visited Japan, he made it a point to document his experiences at the infamous forest via a video blog (vlog). But when the YouTube star showed the visual of a dead body, everyone was less-than-happy with his antics.

People from all over the world voiced their opinions on the video through social media. Here are some comments they had about it:

Even celebrities spoke out on Twitter regarding the video. Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul even called Logan Paul as “trash” for posting the video in the first place.

The vlog has since been taken down by the YouTuber. Then a few hours ago, Logan Paul issued an apology regarding the incident on Twitter. Watch as he discusses the repercussions of his actions:

We’re not quite sure whether we should be accepting of Paul’s apology or not, but one thing’s for sure, suicide should never be a means for fame.

Tell us what you think about the whole incident in the poll below:

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