Apparently, placing sliced potatoes in your socks can reduce symptoms of colds or fever

With today’s unpredictable weather, it’s understandable for many of us to show signs of colds or fever.

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For many adults, these flu-like symptoms are nothing of concern as there are medicines and vitamins to alleviate us from these ailments. For babies and children, however, these symptoms can seem a little concerning.

Luckily, there’s a simple and natural remedy for that… and it involves peeling some potatoes!

According to American mom Debbie Vigan’s Facebook post, placing peeled potatoes on your child’s feet can reduce the child’s symptoms of colds and make him or her feel a little bit better. Here she explains the effects of doing this hack on her son Deairres, who experienced a minor cold last December:

So I saw an article about putting potatoes in the babies sock when they’re sick. So Deairres had a little cold and i put…

Posted by Debbie Vigan on Monday, December 11, 2017

And Vigan isn’t the only mother to agree to this simple life hack. A number of lifestyle blogs and websites assert that this natural remedy is effective in reducing colds in children.

Although there is no scientific study that backs up this hack, medical researcher and writer Jenny Hills explains in Healthy and Natural World’s website that because potatoes have inherent health properties, it can alleviate symptoms of certain illnesses. Hills states on the website, “Potatoes have a wide range of health benefits and nutrients. So possibly, when placed under your feet, these nutrients spread through your body to kill bacteria and viruses.”

Hills adds that this remedy may have originated from reflexology treatments dating back to Ancient Egypt and China, so there may be a chance for scientific proof of this in our world history.

So maybe the next time you’re feeling a little under the weather, try placing some sliced potatoes in your socks. Who knows, it may cure that cold you’ve been having these last couple of days! 😉

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