LOOK: Children’s book tells the story of a gay and African-American Santa Claus

Many of us often see Santa Claus as a jolly old Caucasian with large rosy cheeks and an infectious smile.  But in the children’s book “Santa’s Husband,” author Daniel Kibblesmith explores the possibility of Santa being of another race and sexual identity.

Via NBC News

In Santa’s Husband, an African-American Santa Claus and his partner equally share the responsibilities of taking care of business in the North Pole. This includes double-checking the naughty and nice list, feeding the reindeers organic and gluten-free snacks, and keeping peace among the elves as Christmas day approaches.

Despite the negative comments some readers may have regarding Santa’s sexual preference and race, Santa’s Husband proves to be an endearing story of a couple who continue to make Christmas the jolliest holiday ever.  Vice .com even describes it as “a genuinely sweet story that depicts a sound, joyful marriage.”

Surprisingly, many Twitter users have been showing support for the children’s book with #SantasHusband. Here are some of the comments they have about it:

We’re definitely thrilled that Kibblesmith showcased another version of Santa Claus that speaks to many individuals everywhere. And here’s to hoping it continues to get more positive responses from readers as the Christmas day approaches!

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