“Dear David” might be the scariest story you’ll find on the internet this holiday season

Everyone knows that the internet is a plethora of cringe-inducing horror stories just waiting to be read by millions of online users. Oftentimes, these tales go unnoticed. But there’s one story that’s taking the internet by storm… and it’s called “Dear David.”

“Dear David” is a series of Twitter posts by American illustrator Adam Ellis. And each post documents his encounters with the paranormal entity, Dear David.

This all began back in August when Ellis moved into a new apartment. Unbeknownst to him at the time, his apartment was apparently haunted by the little boy whom Ellis says looks like this:

After that first encounter with Dear David, Ellis was visited in a dream by a young girl who warned him not to ask Dear David more than two questions. Here’s what went down during that conversation:

The next time Ellis saw Dear David was in another dream. During that encounter, Ellis decided to talk to David and ask him a few questions. Unfortunately for Ellis, he didn’t realize he asked Dear David a third question until it was too late.

Soon after this encounter, Ellis experienced a series of weird and unexplainable circumstances in his apartment. And just like the first two times, it always involved Dear David.

On August 12, Ellis made the brave decision to move out of his seemingly haunted living space and move into the apartment upstairs. What he didn’t know however, was that Dear David wasn’t done with him just yet.

This month, Ellis decided he wanted proof of Dear David’s presence in his apartment, so he downloaded an app that takes a photo every minute. He then placed his phone atop a bookshelf then left it running overnight. Here are the results:

Whether Dear David is a true-to-life documentary of Ellis paranormal struggles or just a figment of his imagination, one thing’s for sure — we’re definitely spooked out of our minds! Here’s to hoping we could get a good night’s sleep tonight!

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