People are making fun of Tye Sheridan’s long leg in Ready Player One’s poster

When the new trailer of Steven Spielberg’s adaptation of the sci-fi novel Ready Player One by American author Ernest Cline was recently released, it received very good reviews from fans. The trailer contained several pop-culture references and gave a glimpse of the digital world that made every fan excited for it.

But despite its very appealing trailer, the new poster is a different story altogether. People were quick to notice a minor detail that made it look rather off. The lead actor, Tye Sheridan, is climbing up a ladder but his right leg looked extremely long.

His right leg looked longer than his other leg up the ladder. The “mistake” is very noticeable that people are not letting it slide. Some were quick to point it out and wondered how they allowed it to be released.

Others poked fun of Sheridan’s appendage and came up with their funniest memes.

While some people decided to “fix” the poster themselves in the wittiest way possible.

Twitter user @CDisillusion, however, came up with a thread that proves how Sheridan’s leg in the poster is in fact, “proportionally correct.”

He added that it all boils down to this: In art, when something is technically correct, but still looks aesthetically “off”, the artist should probably go with what feels aesthetically better, rules be damned.

But then again, artists can just do whatever they feel like because, well, they’re artists.

via Giphy


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