Trump is TIME’s Person of the Year runner-up and people are mad

You’ve probably already seen TIME Magazine’s 2017 Person of the Year, which honored “The Silence Breakers”–women who have spoken up about the sexual assault they have experienced from powerful men–and referred to them as “the voices that launched a movement.”

Many people applauded the cover, but that praise was short-lived. TIME released the runner-ups to their Person of the Year, and the second person on their short list is no other than US President Donald Trump. Yup, you read that right.

TIME says Trump is their runner-up because of how he “has changed the rules of the presidency.” This despite the fact that Trump has been accused of sexual misconduct by no less than 16 women, his notorious “grab ‘em by the pussy” remark, and despite every other offensive and sexist thing he has said to various women both before and after becoming president.

Naturally, people weren’t happy that TIME chose an alleged sexual abuser as a runner-up to an entire movement that seeks to end misogyny, rape culture, and the impunity enjoyed by  powerful men with regards to sexual assault.

Singer Demi Lovato slammed TIME in a series of tweets, saying she is disappointed by the hypocrisy:


Actress Sophie Turner said that it was an “injustice and insult  to the inspiring people on the cover to have a known sexual abuser as runner up”:

Other people on Twitter expressed their disappointment and anger as well:



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