Tone Quest ep. 6: The Gig Rig with Tom Story’s Gabba Santiago

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Video contribution by: Marco De Leon

Marco launches The Gig Rig, where he talks about pro musicians’ gear, and how they use them in live and studio applications. In this installment, he speaks with guitarist Gabba Santiago of Tom’s Story and Plan of Fools.

Gabba’s gear setup:

Fender US Stratocaster and Telecaster
Alnico Pro 2 pickups
Graphtech nut on the Tele
Little 59 on the Bridge for the Strat

Mooer Yellow Comp, Tim Overdrive, EHX Micropog, Boss PS6 Harmonist, BB Preamp Clone, Strymon Bluesky, Line6 M9, Boss RC3 Loop Station, Boss Foot Switch, and Snark Tuner

2 amps in stereo on clean channels

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