Pinoys weigh in what a Filipina Powerpuff Girl’s name should be

After Cartoon Network announced that a new and fourth Powerpuff Girl will be added to the heroine trio, many questioned the decision and even called out the network for forgetting that Bunny was the original fourth member of the group.

Last September 17, Cartoon Network revealed the new Powerpuff Girl named “Bliss.” Some people are commending the show for trying to make the characters more diverse with a black heroine. Others, however, felt like there was no need to add a new character on the show.

After the reboot of the 90’s cartoon series, The Powerpuff Girls have gone through a lot of changes. Here in the Philippines, our own version of Powerpuff Girls are all grown up, beauty queens who know how to contour!


And as the debut of Bliss became a hot topic, Filipinos thought about what a Pinay Powerpuff Girl would be aptly called if we were to have our own Powerpuff Girl character.

Jhemerlyn, Chenelyn, or maybe it’s Babylyn!


The Filipina Powerpuff Girl can also check out Sexbomb Girls for a name reference!

Get, get, (your name) aw!


But since all Powerpuff Girl members’ names are starting with letter “B,” some people thought about a name fitting for a tough yet sweet little girl heroine:

How about friendly name we all know so well?

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Go Powerpuff Girl Beshie! Save the day before chika—we mean, bedtime!


If we’re going to have a Pinay Powerpuff Girl, what would you name her?

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