15 Things people will tell you when you get robbed in Manila

“The night is dark and full of terrors,” says Melisandre from the popular HBO series Game of Thrones. But in Metro Manila, the streets are full of robbers and pickpockets who are on top of their game even in broad daylight.

Whether you’re being extra cautious or lost in your thoughts, danger will always be around and anyone can be a victim. What’s worse is, most of the things you’ll hear from other people after becoming a victim of robbery in Manila, will just make you shake your damn head.


1. No matter how traumatic and stressful your day was after being robbed, some people will always find a way to somehow make it your fault:

“Lesson learned sa’yo ‘yan!”


2. It’s like they’re telling you that you were #AskingForIt so shit things happen to you.

via Twitter / @cinephilliacy


3. Others will give you a lecture that they think you deserve.

“Alam mo na kasing maraming mandurukot dyan e…”


4. While most people are drowning you with “what you should’ve done,” all you wanna do is try to make sense of what’s happening at the moment.

via Twitter / Toni Gonzaga Online


5. Instead of consoling you after your loss, you’re more likely to hear sermon from your parents…


6. …or they’ll applaud you for doing a fine job losing your things again!


7. All you can do is cry and beg for mercy that they’ll replace it with a new one.

via Twitter / @SiKuyaRonnie


8. In case you didn’t know, some streets in Manila have a certain reputation… and people will constantly remind you:

“Marami kasi talagang loko dito…”


9. You’ll also be reminded of the rule that every Pinoy commuter must follow and know by heart.


10. Because here in Manila, we changed the way how every one should carry their backpacks.

A sign you’ve truly become a commuter warrior of Manila!


11. Some people’s precautions will either make you question everything, or hate your day even more.


12. Like how we should achieve not to look like a rich person at all.

Keep it lowkey daw kasi.


13. At the end of the day, well-wishers all have the same thing to say:


14. But we all know that no matter how careful or wary you are, things can still go out of your control.


15. So the only thing left for us to do is:


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