10 of the most heart-wrenching secrets featured in Terence Eduarte’s 100 Days of Secrets

“For 100 days, I illustrated friends and strangers in exchange for their secrets.”

A Filipino art director and illustrator recently gained international attention for doing a series of digital portraits. Terence Eduarte’s 100 Days of Secrets, which started out as a daily illustration project inspired by Elle Luna’s #100DayProject, has since been featured by the Huffington Post, Design Taxi, Metro UK, and BoredPanda, and is set to be exhibited this September 10 at A Space, Makati.

“It really just started out as a creative exercise,” Eduarte said. His creative exercise attracted many people, both those he knew and didn’t, to send him their secrets in exchange for being illustrated.

“I got a lot of secrets from all over the world. It was quite overwhelming but I tried my best to respond to every email/message. It was hard to absorb all the emotion that everyone was pouring out,” he said.

The series became a kind of therapy for the people who shared their secrets, and a lot of viewers were able to empathize with them through Eduarte’s illustrations.

We’ve seen all 100 portraits, and we picked out 10 of the most heart-wrenching secrets shared by strangers. Check them out here:  

"I burned the suicide note I wrote a month ago. Today is a good day." #100daysofsecrets #the100dayproject

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