Everybody’s convinced Tom Cruise’s badonkadonk is fake

Did Tom Cruise fill out his backside with a fake bootay? Aptly-named Twitter user @iluvbutts247 recently rewatched Cruise’s 2008 WWII thriller “Valkyrie” and noticed that his butt in one particular scene — literally all five seconds of it — looked larger than it did throughout the rest of the movie.

The internet was soon awash with speculation about Tom Cruise’s Kardashian-sized butt.

Online butt connoisseurs have also pointed out that since Tom Cruise does his own stunts, this was probably some sort of protective butt pad. This makes sense — a lot of action movie sequences use fake butts — except we’re not sure how that would work out in this particular instance since Cruise is falling on his face.

Valkyrie director Christopher McQuarrie responded in a now-deleted tweet: “At 12k retweets and climbing, why would I ever add clarity to this thread? #Valkyrie.”

What do you think? Is Tom Cruise’s butt fake or has he just been doing tons of squats in the gym?

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