InqPOP! Exclusive: Toy artist Jason Freeny “took a leap of faith” to pursue toy sculpting and designing

AsiaPOP Comicon Manila (APCC Manila 2017) is back for its third time and will gather several international artists including toy sculptor and designer Jason Freeny.

Jason Freeny is a New York based sculptor and toy designer known for his his iconic anatomical dissections of notable characters and figures in pop culture. Unlike other toys or vinyl pop figures you always see, Jason takes on a character and make them look like half of their bodies are cut open. It may sound creepy for some but the results are actually astonishing and extraordinarily cute.

Just sculpting Totoro anatomy

Jason Freeny 发布于 2017年2月27日

His distinctive anatomical dissection style earned him recognition among artists, manufacturers, and companies across the globe. He has also teamed up with toy companies like Mighty Jaxx where he produced limited edition sculptures of popular characters like Barbie, Hello Kitty, DC Comics characters, and many more. These limited edition collectibles produced with Mighty Jaxx will also be available for purchase at the APCC Manila.

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Jason Freeny 发布于 2017年7月22日

InqPOP! had the chance to ask him a few questions about his life as an artist:


InqPOP!: How did you get into sculpting and toy designing?

Jason: I have always had an interest in sculpting and it is something I have been doing since my late teen years. I discovered designer toys in the early part of this century and was thrilled to find a medium that I could relate to and work with.

You used to work on retail and properties design for MTV and ESPN, why did you decide to go solo and establish Moist Production LLC?

It was a bit of a necessity. I had lost my job and the job market was very difficult. I have been doing the illustrations of anatomical characters and decided to try to do a sculpture to hopefully make money to pay my bills, I took a leap of faith.

What inspired you to create anatomical dissections on toys?

I had been using balloon dogs as pets for some illustrations I was working on and started to wonder what kind of weird skeleton would be inside if it was an actual living creature.

What’s the most challenging part in making these anatomical character dissections?

When I do my own hands sculptures the most difficult part is to find a toy that would suit what it is that I wanted to do. Fortunately when we get licensed to do an actual character with permission I can make whatever it is I want to get the end result as long as the character is approved.

How do you come up with which cartoon character you would work on next?

I enjoy working with characters that have Bizarre shapes different from actual human proportions. I like characters with big heads and weird shaped bodies because they produce the most interesting anatomy.

It’s very unusual for a toy to have anatomical dissections where half of the internal organs of the body are exposed. What’s the challenge in making these anatomical art on toys look pretty and appropriate for kids?

I don’t really think about the audience when I am creating something, I try to create something that I would like and hope others like it too. As long as I eliminate genitals the pieces are naturally kid friendly.

What do you still want to accomplish as an artist?

The sky is the limit, there [will] always be things that I want to achieve. I want to make more complex and larger pieces.

What message or advice can you give to young artists out there who are still figuring out what their own style is and trying to make a name in the art industry?

Stick to it and research what works as far as marketability. It’s very important that young artist understand that while [art] is an excellent way to express yourself, it’s also a business if you want to be successful. Understand that if a company wants to manufacture one of your pieces they have to have confidence that they will make up their investment back.


Jason Freeny will be joining several international artists like Artgerm, Quiccs, Alan Quah, Simone Legno, and cosplayers during the whole run of AsiaPOP Comic Con on August 25-27 at the SMX Convention Center.

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