The end is near for these popular television shows

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Submitted by: Sidney Aquino

As much as you hate it, all good things must come to an end. Nothing lasts forever, so does your favorite television shows that may have taught you a bunch of life lessons all these years. No matter how hard it is, be prepared to say goodbye to these series which got you all hooked for as long as you can remember.


New Girl

Courtesy of 20th Century Fox Television

Some viewers may find the season six finale well-wrapped up already but the ending has yet to come. Another season will soon arrive in your television screens as the real last season because the series has been renewed for season seven which will contain a shortened eight-episode season. Well who wouldn’t want to see more of our “simply adorkable” characters for the last time?

Regarded as Fox’s highest-rated comedy series, New Girl revolves around Jessica “Jess” Christopher Day portrayed by Zooey Deschanel after she caught her boyfriend cheating on her when she comes back home. She then leaves him and looks for some place to live when she finds herself tangled up with three young men upon moving in.



Courtesy of ABC Studios

Gladiators would miss every #ScandalThursday after the next upcoming season as the bittersweet series finale. Shonda Rhimes, the creator of Scandal, even admits that she actually foresee the end of the tunnel by season seven.
Scandal tackles the life of Olivia Hope portrayed by Kerry Washington as she struggles to let go of her past which continues to haunt her as the former media relations consultant of the President by opening a firm of her own with various members who specialize in fixing people’s lives.


The Originals

Courtesy of The CW

Soon after the end of The Vampire Diaries, its spinoff, The Originals is already bound to its impending demise in its return for season five as the last season which was announced by its showrunner, Julie Plec. On the brighter side, it’s a great consolation for fans to know that TVD’s Caroline Forbes portrayed by Candice King will likely appear in the season five premier. Fans of both shows are dying to see Klaroline rekindle their chemistry back in TVD.

If the Salvatore brothers are to watch out for in The Vampire Diaries, the Mikaelson siblings will make you swoon in The Originals. The vampires who initially seemed to be TVD’s bad guys who wreak havoc in Mystic Falls upon their arrival will steal your hearts and make you sympathize with them here in TO.


Teen Wolf

Courtesy of The CW

In the San Diego Comic-con last year, the casts revealed the heartbreaking announcement to the fans of Teen Wolf that season six will be the last season. It will be concluded in their 100th episode which also serves as a milestone for the show. The last season was split into two 10-episode arcs. The first half ended last January and the second half already started last July. Still the fans are hoping to see Stiles Stillinski portrayed by Dylan O’Brien back on the show for its final ten episodes.

Based on the 1985 film of the same name, Teen Wolf shows the day-to-day teenage life of a social outcast, Scott McCall, of Beacon Hills until he was bitten and the next thing he knew, he becomes a werewolf himself.
Let’s just hope that the endings of these series will not fail us so we can rewatch them all over again as the characters live on in our hearts.

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