PPAP singer ignites the internet with his marriage to a swimsuit model

Netizens suffered a troubling case of LSS (Last Song Syndrome) when Japanese singer-songwriter, Kazuhito Kosaka a.k.a. Pikotaro released the Pen-Apple-Pineapple-Pen (PPAP) video last October 2016.

Via Giphy

This year, the comedian continues to make headlines as an entertainer, an ambassador for fruits and most recently, as the newly-wed husband of swimsuit model, Hitomi Yasueda.

Via Instagram.com/Hitomi Yasueda

Though their marriage may be a shock to many netizens, Kosaka and Yasueda have actually been dating for the last four years before tying the knot earlier this month. And despite popular opinion, the 15-year age gap between Kosaka and Yasueda doesn’t seem to bother the newlyweds at all.

In fact, Yasueda even posted photos on her blog of her and Kosaka donning PPAP-related outfits in a simple yet wacky photo shoot.

Via Ameblo.jp
Via Ameblo.jp

We at InqPOP! definitely wish this couple the best of luck in the years to come! And for Kosaka’s alias Pikotaro, we only hope that his fictional 78-year old wife won’t mind the new addition to their family.

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