The whole world to Chester Bennington: We’ll keep you in our memories

You surely left us with many reasons to miss you!

Chester Bennington, Linkin Park,
Image from Facebook.

Today the world awoke to a heartbreaking news in the history of music — rock icon Chester Bennington is dead. The lead singer of acclaimed rock band Linkin Park reportedly hanged himself in his private home in L.A. yesterday, July 20. Coincidentally, it should have been his close friend, Chris Cornell’s 53rd birthday. Cornell’s suicide two months ago greatly affected Bennington and the latter dedicated their song One More Light from their latest album of the same title, for his dear friend.

Now the whole world mourns for the loss of yet another inspiring artist. People from all walks of life are flooding the internet sharing their shock, heartbreak, and sorrow, including Bennington’s bandmates:

While others expressed their gratitude on how Linkin Park’s music has helped and inspired them in many ways:

Some people opted to recall songs and performances that really moved them:

And many people tweeted the lyrics of Leave Out All the Rest from Linkin Park’s Minutes to Midnight (2007) album, declaring that the singer will truly be kept in their memories and hearts forever.

Rest in peace, Chester Bennington. You’ve truly made an impact in our lives through your music.

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