Artist re-imagines iconic paintings with pandas and they’re all museum-worthy

Just when you thought these paintings are iconic enough, someone decides to shake it up with our favorite animal—Panda! Chinese online illustrator A-Long re-imagines iconic paintings from artists like Edvard Munch, Michelangelo, Vincent van Gogh, and Leonardo Da Vinci, with pandas instead of humans.

These classic paintings turned out to be really adorable-looking with pandas in them, and they’re all museum-worthy too! A-Long also turned his paintings into GIFs which made them more interesting and quite funny.


Here’s Panda/Mona Lisa casually flipping her hair like “Duh, I’m fab!”

via China Daily / A-Long

This recreation of Leonardo Da Vinci’s “The Vitruvian Man” looks more like a scene from Kung Fu Panda:

via A-Long

Here’s Panda with a Pearl Earring, re-created from Johannes Vermeer’s “Girl with a Pearl Earring.”

via China Daily / A-Long

If there’s “The Creation of Adam” from Michelangelo, there’s also “The Creation of Panda” featuring a giant panda who honestly couldn’t lift a finger.

via A-Long / China Daily

Here’s Madame Panda with her son in “Panda with a parasol.”

via A-Long / National Gallery of Art

This is probably Edvard Munch getting shookt with this Panda version of “The Scream.”

via / A-Long

Vincent van Gogh turns into a panda in this one:

via China Daily / A-Long

And this is what The Last Supper looks like if Jesus and all his apostles were pandas:

via China Daily / A-Long


A-Long also re-created famous traditional Chinese paintings and turned them into GIFs too. Check out all of his works here.

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