Moana and Diana meet in this ‘How Far I’ll Go’ lyrics and Wonder Woman GIFs mashup

If you’ve seen how wonderful the film Wonder Woman is, then you probably already know how badass Diana (Princess of Themyscira) is. She’s no typical princess who needs a prince, or a damsel in distress who needs saving. She’s an amazon, a warrior, who chose to leave the island of Themyscira to save the world and humanity from war and destruction.

But does this story sound kinda familiar to you?

Well if you’ve also seen Disney’s Moana, then this might ring a bell. Moana, who was raised in the island of Motunui and became the leader of her tribe, decided to leave everything behind to return the heart of Te Fiti to save mankind and her island.

Moana went through Te Kā (a demon of earth and fire) while Diana fought Ares (the god of war) in order to save everyone and bring back the goodness in the world. There were a lot of similarities between Moana and Wonder Woman that someone decided to create a thread on Twitter using “How Far I’ll Go” lyrics and Wonder Woman GIFs.

Lin Manuel Miranda, one of the creators of Moana’s music and lyrics, also approves!

And if you ask how far this Moana and Wonder Woman mashup will go, someone already made a video out of it!

There’s also now a Moana x Wonder Woman trailer!


Moana: I am Moana of Motunui…
Diana: I am Diana of Themyscira…

via Tumblr

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