This penguin in Japan fell in love with an anime cutout after his lover left him

Although most penguin species are known to be monogamous, many have doubted penguins’ loyalty to their partners when a video of a female penguin’s affair ending in a bloody fight between her husband and her lover went viral online.

via Giphy / Nat Geo

And then there’s this penguin in Japan, Grape-kun, who shows us that penguins are still capable of true love despite their infidelity issues.

Grape-kun, a 20 year-old Humboldt penguin at Tobu Zoo in Miyashiro, Japan, was left by his penguin mate Midori who traded him for a younger penguin 10 years ago. Zookeepers noticed that Grape-kun drifted away from his group so they installed an anime cutout inside the penguin section of the zoo.

The character known as Hululu in the anime Kemono Friends was designed to look like a Humboldt penguin. And after Hululu’s cutout was placed inside the penguin section, Grape-kun was noticeably attracted to the cutout animespending the whole day standing and staring at it.

Grape-kun’s unlikely adoration towards his “cardboard soulmate” earned people’s attention online that some even made fan art for the two of them.

Recently, Grape-kun finally met Ikuko Chikuta, the voice actress for Hululu and he looked like it was one of the happiest days of his life!

We wish Grape-kun only happiness! His girl may just be a cardboard cutout, but that doesn’t mean his love for her is any less pure. After all, “love is love.”

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