People on the internet are shookt over the #LollipopLips lipstick trend

Is it time to say goodbye to the matte lipstick trend? MAC Cosmetics, a cult favorite among beauty enthusiasts, recently debuted their latest lipstick trend which they call “lollipop lips.”

This particular look that was featured on MAC’s Instagram account and worn by models in some of the most recent fashion shows, was created using MAC’s Lip Pencil in Ruby Woo, Lipmix in Red, MAC Retro Matte Liquid Lipstick in Fashion Legacy, and Lipglass in Clear.

Judging from most photos found online, it should be easy to recreate this look – just put on your favorite lipstick, top it off with gloss, and smear it around your mouth.

While it’s not clear whether this look is only meant to be worn on the runway or not, it seems a lot of people are not crazy about this new trend. And they weren’t shy to let their thoughts out on social media, as evident in the posts below:


Uhm, is it supposed to be smeared that far?


Jabee does not approve!


You guys, windburn sucks.


Others say it looks like someone just had a hot “makeout session with a vacuum cleaner.”

Spot on, Emma.


Some have also pointed out that the trend makes women look like they’re having a really bad case of cold sore.


Raise your hands if you thought of this, too:


However, some girls seem to like (and rock!) the trend:

In conclusion—this trend is basically not for everyone. It takes a certain level of coolness and ~*FaShzYowN*~ to rock this look. I, myself, tried it for the sake of objective writing. Unfortunately, I did end up looking like I spent way too much time in Baguio during the coldest of seasons, with no lip balm to protect my lips from excessive chapping.

So…#LollipopLips – is it yay or nay?

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