Fans react to the emoji-like face of Winona Ryder during SAGs

Social media users got wind of actress Winona Ryder’s facial expressions during her co-star David Harbour’s speech at the Screen Actors Guild Awards last Sunday, after Stranger Things bagged the Best Ensemble Drama award.

This instantly led to social media users reacting to Ryder’s expressions:

One Twitter user even likened her very expressive reactions to that of an emoji.

Others have declared this to be the GIF of the year:

While some decided to add a little context to it:

So the next time you ever feel bewildered about something, you can always try this look:

Image source
Image source

Or when you have to agree with what your friend is saying, but is quite unsure of it:

Winona Ryder, SAGs, GIF, Emoji
Image source

Better yet, when you know that your friend’s saying something very powerful:

Winona Ryder, GIF, Emoji, Facial Expression
Image source

Then eventually managed to wing it in the end:

Winona Ryder, GIF, SAGs, Emoji
Image source

Well no matter what facial expression she makes, Winona Ryder is simply adorable! Don’t you agree?

Winona Ryder, Emoji, SAGs

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